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After you’veaced your interviewand been offered a position at a school of your choosing, you will move through the following steps to obtain the proper paperwork to teach legally in China.
While you are in your home country, you’ll need:
A valid passportwith at least 12 months on it from the date of expiration
A formal letter of invitefrom your school, otherwise known as a Foreign Expert Invitation (Note that this documentation is not provided by your school. They have to apply for your ID, and they have no control over how quickly your paperwork is processed. Some bureaus process paperwork quickly while others don’t. The waiting period is typically two to six weeks.
A Foreign Expert ID(Your school will send this to you by post.)
YOU visit the nearest Chinese Consulate in your areato apply for a Z visa (work visa) – Don’t forget to bring your letter of invite!
AZ visa(Employment visa)
You may need to do a health check in your home country, depending on where you are teaching. Your school will advise you of this in advance.
Once you are in China:
You’ll need to do a full health check
You’ll register with the local police stationso they know where you’re living. Your school will help you do this.
Your school will help you get your Residence Permit